I have to apologize, you all must think I'm nuts or making up the fact that a new project is underway and going just fine.
Six complete songs ready for the new CD and a few more to go to actually bring it to the final steps. The recording process was held back by personal as well as financial set backs, but no more. I remain in full focus and will deliver this album with much vigor and honesty and I thank you for your patience and staying on board with me through the challenges that this project has presented! Cheers, Matt.

A New Year 

 New gear, new songs, and new attitude. That sums up my approach to 2015. Thanks for being loyal fans and tagging along for this wild unpredictable ride my friends! Lets make some music, shall we...

New CD! 

 Long time since I've communicated with all my favorite people! My apologies, but the good news is; my new recording project titled "Mixed Signals" will be released hopefully in early to mid fall.  This is a collection of instrumental tunes that just sorta "sat there" in limbo until I got inspired to re-work them and give the songs new life.  My bigger project with the vocal tunes I have written, should be out late this year or early 2015.
  Much to do, thanks for hangin in there!  MJ


 Hello again everybody! It is now winter and very cold here in upper Michigan, and that's what winter is all about right? Well now, the big news is, I've got some new songs written and finished and lucky enough to have a couple of great players heading into the studio with me soon!
  It's been a long journey for this material, and I feel its time for these pieces to be recorded and heard by the supportive fans and good people who make it possible for me to pursue what I love to do best. This allows me to focus on creating songs for future projects and whatever other musical endevours should come about in my path...Always searching for the next challenge!

 Thanks again, MJ

Fall hunting CD now availible 

 Oh yes, fall is here for sure. The air is crisp and cool , the leaves have turned and the annual hunting season is upon us! If you did not get a chance to pick up a copy last year not to worry. I do have more copies in hand for anyone interested in buying one (or 2?) So I'm setting up a link on this page due to the fact that we have encountered some issues with the digital storefront on my home page. Thanks again and hunt safe my friends!  Matt