Well you've made it this far on the site and I thank you! In all fairness I shall expose some shockingly disturbing facts about myself with the hope that the would be viewer of this page be entertained or at least a "well-informed" consumer of my humble musical workings. Please enjoy....

Sometimes playing and recording music screws up other avenues of my well being
It is possible that I play guitar too much and it interrupts my day to day life
Clowns are not high on the list of things I like
Don't know for sure if I could live without carbs
With my Upper Michigan/Northeast Wisconsin accent, some folks think I'm from Canada. Eh? Or Fargo, ND
Yes, I do hunt deer. For the right reasons
Not a huge fan of hot humid weather, but I'll take a thunderstorm any day
I like to put the plates from my George Foreman grill in the sink and watch them go PPSSHHHH!!!
Dark beer - Im a fan
I hate clowns on most days